Play wherever you drink

The Palate Deck is perfect for breweries and bars, or conducting tasting sessions on your own at home.

At Home

Next time you’re enjoying a casual beer or trying out some new bottles with friends, use the Palate Deck as your expert-level guide to learn more about what you’re drinking.

Because it’s split into two difficulty levels, you can choose simpler gameplay for casual sessions, or a more in-depth tasting experience if you’re really looking to get to the bottom of your beer, so to speak.

Breweries & Taprooms

Kick off the conversation while sampling flights at your nearby brewery or enjoying pints with friends. With just a few square feet of free table space, you can easily play a round or two wherever you enjoy great beer.

And if you work at a beer-focused bar or restaurant, the Palate Deck is a great way to enhance your customers’ experience. Stash a few copies nearby guest tables so they can explore the world of beer at their own pace, use it to guide tasting during brewery tours, or top up your staff’s beer knowledge with tasting sessions.

In Action

The complete guide to using the Palate Deck is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the Tasting Library for general beer tasting advice, and some action shots below to get a feel for what it looks like when you sample beer with the Palate Deck.

Coming Soon

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