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Descriptions & Copy

The one-liner

Tasting cards to improve your beer knowledge. Sampling required!

In one Tweet

The Palate Deck is a card game to help you conduct beer tasting sessions and tune your palate, for beginning and expert tasters alike.

The quick summary

The Palate Deck is new product that will help you conduct tasting sessions and tune your beer palate. With 108 unique playing cards and gameplay tailored to any experience level, you can quickly go from beginning taster to enlightened beer expert.

The longer description

The Palate Deck is a deck of Tasting Cards that encourage conversation and gameplay while tasting beer. You and up to 4 other people will select cards that best describe what you’re tasting. Many different play styles are supported: run a collaborative tasting session to build consensus, or prove your mettle by pitting your tasting ability against your friends.

The Palate Deck is more than a deck of cards, it’s an in-depth tasting education that gives you tasting hints, and goes into some of the reasons why you’re experiencing a given flavor or sensation in a beer. Using the Palate Deck can help you you improve your tasting perception and overall appreciation for the beer you’re drinking — any beer!

Creator Bio

Dave Shea is a Certified Cicerone® and BJCP-certified beer judge. He’s a co-founder of Vancouver’s Farmhouse Fest Saison and Wild Ale Festival, and a long-time home brewer who finds the occasion to brew commercially every so often. Outside of beer, Dave is also well known in the web design & development community.

Photo of creator Dave Shea

If you need it a photo of Dave, you can use this one but please provide credit to Jonathan Evans.