Photo of creator Dave Shea

Dave Shea is a Certified Cicerone® (beer sommelier) and BJCP-certified beer judge. He’s a co-founder of Vancouver’s Farmhouse Fest Saison and Wild Ale Festival, and a long-time home brewer who finds the occasion to brew commercially every so often. Outside of beer, Dave is also well known in the web design & development community.

Other Credits

The Palate Deck logo was designed by graphic designer Ben Didier, who has produced work for Oprah Magazine, CBC, and Zatec Brewery.

The Kickstarter video was shot by Jeremy Dyson, an independent photographer and film-maker who has produced work for BCLC, A&W, as well as the short Brew Love (2014). It was edited by Alec MacNeill Richardson, an editor and director of Reality TV in Vancouver. Recent credits include First Dates, Highway Thru Hell and Keeping Canada Alive.

Special thanks to: Lauren Isaacson, Chad McCarthy, Stephanie Hobson, Ben Klassen, Megan McCorquodale, David Haywood, Chad Kling, Candice Legere, and Alex Berner.


Coming Soon

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