The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, which is a great time of year to get back into the darker beers. Continuing the series of Palate Deck action shots, let’s take a look at Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter.

This Yorkshire brew is a classic English porter with fruity roasty flavor and a clean dry finish. Thanks to some nuanced malt character, there are plenty of subtleties that advanced Palate Deck sessions can help draw out.

Starting with the basic tasting mode again, this time we only have a few cards we can play. With a notably brown color and light malty sweetness, there are hints of fruit but those are the only cards that match.

Taddy Porter with 5 very basic cards played

Sometimes the simpler gameplay modes don’t allow enough nuance to adequately describe a beer. Lucky for us, it’s not hard to go further. With the extended tasting cards we can build up a better picture of this beer.

The malt character comes across in a few ways. The sweetness suggests caramel and chocolate, while there’s a disctinct nuttiness in the flavor. Light berry notes are perceived on the aroma.

With the intensity scale we can quantify all these flavours, and start describing the complex mouthfeel. A rounded creaminess is noticeable, and on the finish this beer goes quite dry.

Even if you’ve never had it, the cards below give a much better idea of which flavors and sensations you might expect to come across in Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter.

A more detailed evaluation with many specific cards and the intensity scale cards played.

With 108 cards, the two decks provide a lot of nuance and detail. They don’t cover every situation however, so stay tuned for a future update where I shed some light on the Second Edition.

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